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TimAir's Fleet of Planes

TimAir Limited operates a modern fleet of seven single and multi-engine aircraft, including its five passenger Cessnas and its nine passenger Islander. All of the TimAir planes are regularly maintained in strict accordance with all British, American and local regulations.
Timair 6Y- JNA, with other Planes at Montego Bay
Timair Cesna 6Y-JNA, with other TimAir
planes, preparing for takeoff at Montego Bay
Some of the TimAir Limited fleet on the flight line at Montego Bay
Some of the TimAir Limited fleet
on the flight line at Montego Bay
Timair Cessna 6Y- JNE preparing to takeoff from Negril.
Timair Cesna 6Y-JNE preparing 
to takeoff from Negril.

Pilot Mark West
with Cessna 6Y-JNB
A View of TimAir Cessna 6Y-JNL in flight virewed from another Timair plane
TimAir Cessna 6Y-JNL in flight
viewed from another Timair plane
(Photo by Tom Moffett)
Timair Cessna 6Y-JNC taxiing to ramp at Sangster
Timair Cessna 6Y-JNC taxiing
to ramp at Sangster International

Timair Cessna 6Y-JNL
on the Ready Line
Timair Islander 6Y- JLU at Sangster International Airport
TimAir Islander 6Y-JLU at 
Sangster International Airport

TimAir's Desrene, with Cessna 
6Y-JND on the Ready Line

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Timair Pilots & Staff

All of the TimAir pilots have solid commercial flight experience and all are fully trained to stringent international safety standards. All of the pilots hold United States FAA Commercial licenses as well as Jamaica CAA pilot licenses. Each one of them has a thorough knowledge of Jamaica's geography and flying conditions. During flights, they can provide passengers with personalized information and point out places of of both historical and local interest.

Our staff personnel are dedicated to serving you -- our passengers.  To that end, all have been trained in providing the optimum in friendly and professional service.  If you have questions about your flight, feel free to ask any of our staff -- if they can't give you an answer immediately, they will definitely get the answer for you expeditiously.


TimAir's Islander Pilots welcoming passengers at Negril Airport - Photo by John Lucas
Islander Pilots welcoming passengers 
at Negril Airport (Photo by John Lucas)
TimAir Limited Owner Fraser McConnel
TimAir Limited's Owner 
Fraser McConnell
TimAir Limited's Negril Staff, Venezia and Sheena - Photo by Darrell Stark
Negril Staffers Venezia and Sheena 
(Photo by Darrell Stark)
Pilot Curtis Binns at the controls
Curtis Binns at the controls
TimAir  Pilots Curtis, Mark and Robert on the flighht line at Montego Bay
 Curtis, Mark and Robert 
on the flight line at Montego Bay
Pilot Mark West at the controls
Pilot Mark West at the controls
Chris Haughton's smile is worth a thousand words!
Chris Haughton's smile is 
worth a thousand words!
Robert and Blake exchange a handshake beside one of the TimAir planes
Robert and Blake exchange a handshake 
beside one of the TimAir planes

Reservations Agent Melva at her computer 


TimAir Pilots Steven and Andrew
Steven & Andrew
TimAir Limited
Sangster International Airport
Montego Bay, Jamaica, W.I.
Phone 876-952-2516
Phone 876-979-1114
Fax 876-979-1113
Negril - 876-957-5374
E-Mail: timair@usa.net

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Some of the TimAir (Distaff) Staff at the Checkin Counter
Colleen McConnell (L), with the TimAir 
"Distaff" Staff at the Check-in Counter