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TimAir Limited - The Premier Charter Airline of Jamaica

TimAir Limited was established in 1983 by Tim Moxon as one of Jamaica's first "air taxi" services.  TimAir quickly became one of the most popular charter airline companies on the island, providing air services for thousands of visitors to the island, as well as to the local business community -- and is the air charter service that has been in continuous operation the longest, with the best service for its passengers and an impeccable safety record.

The airline was purchased in 1991 by Fraser McConnell, who continued with the same name. Today, TimAir Limited -- with its staff, including Customer Service Manager Colleen McConnell and an able group of office personnel, pilots and ground crew -- provides the best air charter service available on the island.

The company continues to be ideally based at Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay, which handles the majority of arriving holiday arrivals. In addition, TimAir maintains an office at the Negril Airport to serve the many popular resorts and hotels on the western end of the island.

TimAir News

New TimAir Limited Colors  It is our pleasure to announce that all of TimAir planes are now sporting the familiar TimAir Limited red and yellow colors.  The Islander just had its new paint job, to bring the full fleet in line with the well recognized color scheme.

New Office to Serve Ocho Rios  We are pleased to announce the opening of a new satellite office at the Oracabessa Airport, continuing TimAir's long familiar service to the Boscobel area east of Ocho Rios with an office staff.  Pictures will be added as they are available.

New Service to Treasure Beach TimAir now offers air taxi flights to the Lionel Densham Airstrip, serving Treasure Beach, St. Elizabeth and its environs. Contact TimAir Limited for information.

Airports,  Approaches and Flight Simulation Planes
Montego Bay Approach
Oracabessa Approach
 Montego Bay Approach
Above is a view of the approach into Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay. (Picture by Dean Hemphill)
Video of Montego Bay Approach
If you have a high speed connection, the above picture shows a short .MPG file of the approach into Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay.
Oracabessa Approach
Above is a view of the approach into Oracabessa Airport (Boscobel), serving Ocho Rios. (Picture by Roger Church)
Negril Approach
TimAir Limited
Sangster International Airport
Montego Bay, Jamaica, W.I.
Phone 876-952-2516
Phone 876-979-1114
Fax 876-979-1113
Negril - 876-957-5374
E-Mail:  timair@usa.net
Negril Approach
Above is a view of the approach into Negril Airport. (Picture by Dean Hemphill)
 Click on each picture to enlarge.
Negril Airport Ramp
Above is a view of the ramp at Negril Airport. (Picture by Dean  Hemphill)
TimAir Britten Norman Islander 6Y-JLU, Flight Simulator Plane
The "repainted" graphics, on the left & right, of two TimAir Limited planes at Montego Bay Airport were created by Rod Randolph in order that other “real” and virtual pilots could enjoy flying these planes using Microsoft Flight Simulator.  For information on how to obtain the two simulation files, e-mail the TimAir Web Master requesting  the URL.
TimAir Cessna 6Y-JNA, Flight Simulator Plane
TimAir BN Islander 6Y-JLU
Flight Simulator Plane
We appreciate Rod creating the two flight simulation TimAir planes.
TimAir Cessna 6Y-JNA
Flight Simulator Plane

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